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Attached to the vapor canister, which collects fuel vapors in a warm car. When the vehicle reaches a certain cruising speed, the valve opens and the vapors are routed into the fuel injection or carburetor system for burning, which reduces emissions.

# Year Make Model Part Number
1 2003 AUDI A8 2M1292



Airtex/Wells designs and manufactures fuel delivery system products. The Company offers mechanical fuel pumps, electric fuel pumps, and in-tank modular reservoir assemblies for automotive market.  Airtex/Wells is also leader in engine management technologies, including a broad array of emissions components. Their extensive portfolio of products – combined with company engineers’ intense focus on delivering products that fit and perform as well as or better than OE parts has made Airtex/Wells a preferred supplier. Airtex/Wells Products serves customers in the United States.

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