BMW Coolant/Antifreeze (Blue)

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82141467704-Genuine BMW Coolant/Antifreeze. Automotive Parts & Accessories: See all 1,683 items. BMW (1992+) Antifreeze 1 Gallon (Blue) GENUINE factory issue by BMW. $24.00.

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BMW/Mini OE No. 82141467704

  • Genuine BMW antifreeze coolant will ensure your BMW is running cool in the summer and protection against winter freeze-ups.
  • BMW Antifreeze/Coolant will also guard your vehicle’s various engine components against corrosion.
  • Specially designed to promote heat transfer and prevent cooling system corrosion, protects engine metals, seals, and plastic cooling system components.engine metals, seals, and plastic cooling system components.
  • This is a 1 gallon (3.8L) bottle of concentrate antifreeze.
  • Mix 50/50 with distilled water, effectively makes 2 gallons of coolant.
  • BMW Anti-Freeze/ Coolant will prevent excessive silicate gel precipitation, which could lead to more extensive repairs.
  • For proper maintenance we recommend that your BMW’s cooling system be drained and refilled every two years with Original BMW Anti-Freeze/Coolant.
  • This genuine coolant was designed to be compatible with BMW’s aluminum radiators, and is nitrite- and phosphate-free to prevent excessive silicate build-up.

Note: that most BMW cooling systems take 2.1 gallons of a 50/50 mix of BMW coolant and distilled water.



BMW, is a German luxury automobile, motorcycle, and engine manufacturing company.

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