Pentosin Pentofrost A3 Coolant (Blue) – 1 US Gallon

$19.75 New Part

Blue – Meets Specifications: Honda, Acura , Mitsubishi Super Long life , Nissan Blue Long Life / Infiniti,  Subaru Super / Suzuki Super Long Life.

50/50 Pre-Diluted – No Need to Dilute.

Supplied as First Equipment Fill or as Original Equipment Service (OES)*

1 Gallon Bottles

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Pentosin Pentofrost A3 Coolant (Blue) – 1 US Gallon

Color: Blue
Specifications: Honda, Acura , Nissan, Infiniti , Subaru, Mitsubishi
50/50 Pre-Diluted – No Need to Dilute
Volume: 1 US Gallon

Do not mix Pentofrost A3 with other coolants (especially silicated coolants), as this may cause gel formation and clog your radiator.

Pentosin Pentofrost A3 Coolant (Blue) is a phosphated organic acid technology; which is categorized as HOAT (hybrid organic acid technology) in the US market.

Pentofrost A3 is suitable for all Asian vehicles using blue Antifreeze/Coolant.

Pentofrost A3 does not contain any silicate, borate, nitrite or amine containing additives since these may harm your Asian vehicle.

Pentofrost A3 is a PRE-DILUTED antifreeze for Asian vehicle applications in water-cooled engines.

It contains phosphates and organic salts to protect all materials used in cooling systems for Asian vehicles.

Pentofrost A3 is mixable with all phosphated OATs.


  • Honda, Acura – OL999-9011
  • Nissan, Infiniti – 999MP-L25500P
  • Subaru – SOA868V9270
  • Mitsubishi – MZ320125




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